muirina fae. / by Michael Everett

ah muirina.  known and unknown by many names.  this was our second time creating together.  both of us had just spent time travelling through eastern europe throughout july, sometimes in the same city at the same time.  for this shoot i had cleared my day and she hers.  she had just arrived back from prague and was on her was toward toronto after this shoot.  we got together in lilly's corner and let the space lead what we did.  this summer has been so hot and muggy.  lilly's corner has not been used or lived in for over 30 years.  there is no electric, water or washrooms.  there is the promise of lemonade from the restaurant below but the time is very hot and very sweaty.  muirina is truly a joy to work with and i am always stunned by the residue of what we create.  i am also surprised by where our conversations go and the little parts of our lives we share with each other.  the day ended with a drive to kitchener and meeting a photographer i deeply admire, robert farnham and his wife.  here is a taste of what we created together. click on the image below to see more underneath.