francesca. / by Michael Everett

last week were three totally different shoots.  francesca is an actress and friend I have worked with a few times over the past couple years.  we were working in a brand new deserted space.  this space was extra special because my friend, joseph, had lived here many years ago when I was in art school at university.  the space has been deserted for many years and is without power, washrooms or heat.   we talked about all the living that had gone on in these rooms and we wanted to capture some of it and sprinkle it across these images.  we certainly did.  from the get go the shoot went into the past with the wardrobe and costuming the medicine show chose.  a storm went through in the middle of the shoot and that coloured what followed it and the natural light is spectacular.  it is a much different space and different energy than the dive shop I have shot in for the past two years.