brittanyRAYMONDandRALUCAtu january2018 / by Michael Everett

slid back into toronto today for my second shoot with brittany.  great drive in though a lot of traffic and i ended up being couple minutes late.  great tunes.  lots of sunshine.  dawn gosney came in to create her magic with makeup and i worked with taylor chousky for the first time on hair.  i have been following sue liang and her wearable art for a while and i was so happy she agreed to be part of this shoot when i reached out to her.  her work gives me tingles it is so good......and she might be giving me my second tattoo at some point.  my daughter rachel also came on board to help with styling.  i am loving working with her and she has a great eye and cool ideas.

this is probably the last time i'll be in V2 before it is gone.  i'm going to miss it.  created a lot of my favourite images here.