Horoscope. / by Michael Everett

i’m not one to put much into horoscopes as a rule but I do read them from time to time. after i got home from eastern europe i went up to a cottage on the shores of lake huron for a few days. yea, a vacation to recover from a vacation. anyway, i was reading the globe and mail one saturday and my horoscope jumped off the page at me. i wrote it down and it eventually landed in my journal. now looking back on the past two months i would say it was bang on. so i share it with you:

you have been hugely adventurous of late and as a result have accomplished a great many big and important things. all of them though will pale into insignificance compared to what you do next. you have only just begun to amaze.

well that was a nice prospect and being a leo i am always trying to amaze so it stuck. as i share some of what i have been creating this fall i think you will be amazed. (pretend you are even if you are not…..)

to me this has become kind of a prophesy of what was to come.