broche bridal. lana kuidir and lilit azaryan. / by Michael Everett

you know when you wake in the morning and you just want to go back to bed? that was how this day started off. i was excited to work with lana again but i just wanted to crawl into bed with a good book and a cup of tea rather than drive to toronto and shoot for 6 hours. but i got up and did what i normally do to turn my mood around…i grabbed some great music and a breakfast at mcdonalds and headed out into the morning.

by the time i got to toronto i was flying. the music was so good. the day was sunny and i was about to create. life is good.

and what a good day this was. the designs, the space, asma karimi (MUA), paige, jes and (the models) and the light was with us. as i was moving through the day it felt like i was at the top of a wave that just kept going. there was so much good that came from this shoot it is hard to believe but i am so thankful i didn't go back to bed and grabbed those tunes.

check out their site to learn more. their creations are spectacular!

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