broche bridal. lana kuidir and lilit azaryan. by Michael Everett

you know when you wake in the morning and you just want to go back to bed? that was how this day started off. i was excited to work with lana again but i just wanted to crawl into bed with a good book and a cup of tea rather than drive to toronto and shoot for 6 hours. but i got up and did what i normally do to turn my mood around…i grabbed some great music and a breakfast at mcdonalds and headed out into the morning.

by the time i got to toronto i was flying. the music was so good. the day was sunny and i was about to create. life is good.

and what a good day this was. the designs, the space, asma karimi (MUA), paige, jes and (the models) and the light was with us. as i was moving through the day it felt like i was at the top of a wave that just kept going. there was so much good that came from this shoot it is hard to believe but i am so thankful i didn't go back to bed and grabbed those tunes.

check out their site to learn more. their creations are spectacular!

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FLIM. portrait. by Michael Everett

so my buddy bryan jesney is an artist but also a dj. a really good dj. so he texts me that his buddy from france is in town to dj with him and how would i like to get together with them and take FLIM’s portrait. i have the afternoon off so i say sure.

what a joy it was meeting FLIM. you meet someone every once in awhile that is just such a beautiful soul. and that is FLIM. shot this in lilly’s corners in an hour and then met up for beer on a patio.

looking forward to having FLIM show us around when we arrive in nice, france next summer and continuing this creative ride.

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Horoscope. by Michael Everett

i’m not one to put much into horoscopes as a rule but I do read them from time to time. after i got home from eastern europe i went up to a cottage on the shores of lake huron for a few days. yea, a vacation to recover from a vacation. anyway, i was reading the globe and mail one saturday and my horoscope jumped off the page at me. i wrote it down and it eventually landed in my journal. now looking back on the past two months i would say it was bang on. so i share it with you:

you have been hugely adventurous of late and as a result have accomplished a great many big and important things. all of them though will pale into insignificance compared to what you do next. you have only just begun to amaze.

well that was a nice prospect and being a leo i am always trying to amaze so it stuck. as i share some of what i have been creating this fall i think you will be amazed. (pretend you are even if you are not…..)

to me this has become kind of a prophesy of what was to come.

muirina fae. by Michael Everett

ah muirina.  known and unknown by many names.  this was our second time creating together.  both of us had just spent time travelling through eastern europe throughout july, sometimes in the same city at the same time.  for this shoot i had cleared my day and she hers.  she had just arrived back from prague and was on her was toward toronto after this shoot.  we got together in lilly's corner and let the space lead what we did.  this summer has been so hot and muggy.  lilly's corner has not been used or lived in for over 30 years.  there is no electric, water or washrooms.  there is the promise of lemonade from the restaurant below but the time is very hot and very sweaty.  muirina is truly a joy to work with and i am always stunned by the residue of what we create.  i am also surprised by where our conversations go and the little parts of our lives we share with each other.  the day ended with a drive to kitchener and meeting a photographer i deeply admire, robert farnham and his wife.  here is a taste of what we created together. click on the image below to see more underneath.

dorrie. editorial. by Michael Everett

and then there was dorrie mack.  picked her up at the train station way too early for the coffee to have kicked in yet.  always a great time with dorrie.  kindred spirit and a gritty sprite.  a joy to work with and for this one i wanted to have a bit of rolling stone swagger.  enter a mash of suit and crown and our lovely deserted space.  i said good morning to joseph and we began to play.  below is a taste of what we created in this editorial.  click on the pick to see more underneath.

francesca. by Michael Everett

last week were three totally different shoots.  francesca is an actress and friend I have worked with a few times over the past couple years.  we were working in a brand new deserted space.  this space was extra special because my friend, joseph, had lived here many years ago when I was in art school at university.  the space has been deserted for many years and is without power, washrooms or heat.   we talked about all the living that had gone on in these rooms and we wanted to capture some of it and sprinkle it across these images.  we certainly did.  from the get go the shoot went into the past with the wardrobe and costuming the medicine show chose.  a storm went through in the middle of the shoot and that coloured what followed it and the natural light is spectacular.  it is a much different space and different energy than the dive shop I have shot in for the past two years.

kathrynJORDANandkaylynPSHYK february2018 by Michael Everett

back into toronto to shoot a dark and twisted personal project i have been working on.  a bit of a tim burton twist and i got to add some wire that i have been messing with but never really got what i wanted.  this shoot was actually two parts and very long.  i have wanted to work with kathryn for a while and finally our schedules aligned.  kaylyn and i are a growing concern and have worked together a few times.  always creating some wicked images.  love her neck!  happy she gave me the few hours she had between flying in and flying back out.  jamie b. came in to do makeup and work with me for the first time.  i loved her energy in our communication before the shoot and i loved it more when she arrived.  wow!  she's a new york gal now in toronto.  my daughter rachel came in to help on styling again and inserted some cool twists.  a fun day of creating but now i am so tired......

brittanyRAYMONDandRALUCAtu january2018 by Michael Everett

slid back into toronto today for my second shoot with brittany.  great drive in though a lot of traffic and i ended up being couple minutes late.  great tunes.  lots of sunshine.  dawn gosney came in to create her magic with makeup and i worked with taylor chousky for the first time on hair.  i have been following sue liang and her wearable art for a while and i was so happy she agreed to be part of this shoot when i reached out to her.  her work gives me tingles it is so good......and she might be giving me my second tattoo at some point.  my daughter rachel also came on board to help with styling.  i am loving working with her and she has a great eye and cool ideas.

this is probably the last time i'll be in V2 before it is gone.  i'm going to miss it.  created a lot of my favourite images here.